Happy Feet Two (2011) Movie Subtitles

Happy Feet Two (2011) Movie Subtitles


Happy Feet Two (2011)


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00:01:46,773 –> 00:01:50,573
Lend a fin to help your brother do his best Sing it up now

00:02:21,463 –> 00:02:24,439
I’m gonna take this itty-bitty world By storm

00:04:42,738 –> 00:04:45,406
Like, he needs a solid reason. Don’t you, Erik?

00:04:56,462 –> 00:04:59,329
It’s just one big old foot after the other.

00:06:03,860 –> 00:06:08,262
Can you whiz on cue and finish with a headstand? I don’t think so.


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