No Strings Attached (2011) Movie Subtitles

No Strings Attached (2011) Movie Subtitles


No Strings Attached (2011)


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00:01:46,607 –> 00:01:50,693
and your time machine breaks, and you’re stuck in the Medieval Ages.

00:01:58,744 –> 00:02:02,872
Yeah, right. Everyone loves you and your dad’s like famous, or something.

00:03:36,466 –> 00:03:41,178
Oh, my God! I told you that this was a pajama party.

00:04:47,371 –> 00:04:50,539
but I have this family thing, and I grew up in Ann Arbor.

00:04:50,707 –> 00:04:53,834
MIT? Wow. So you grew up to be a lot smarter than me.


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