The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Movie Subtitles

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Movie Subtitles


The Adjustment Bureau (2011)


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00:04:54,494 –> 00:04:56,246
and I’d like to be the next senator from the great state of New York.

00:05:11,386 –> 00:05:14,306
David Norris has represented Brooklyn, New York City and America.

00:05:14,306 –> 00:05:17,809
This compelling story, he grew up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn.

00:05:17,809 –> 00:05:20,479
It reeked of some level of immaturity here, of impulsiveness.

00:05:23,648 –> 00:05:26,818
See, that kind of candidate wouldn’t even get elected to the student council.


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