The Help (2011) Movie Subtitles

The Help (2011) Movie Subtitles


The Help (2011)


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00:01:57,951 –> 00:02:00,750
when your own child’s at home being looked after by somebody else?

00:02:20,015 –> 00:02:23,315
Looking after white babies, that’s what I do.

00:02:28,774 –> 00:02:32,870
I know how to get them babies to sleep,stop crying and go in the toilet bow

00:03:06,061 –> 00:03:09,361
I work for the Leefolts from eight to four; six days a week.

00:03:16,488 –> 00:03:21,836
I do all the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and grocery shopping.


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