You’re Next (2011) Movie Subtitles

You’re Next (2011) Movie Subtitles


You're Next (2011)


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00:05:06,239 –> 00:05:09,311
Yeah. I heard he left his wife for some college student.

00:05:15,816 –> 00:05:19,320
We’re so isolated up here, it might be nice to have a neighbor.

00:06:21,648 –> 00:06:25,721
Oh, you know, I bet the workmen left the door open last time they were here.

00:06:28,989 –> 00:06:32,835
I’ll get the groceries out of the car and check on the furnace.

00:06:57,884 –> 00:07:02,458
My dad retired from KPG last year, and he got an insane severance package.


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