Gotti (2018) Movie Subtitles

Gotti (2018) Movie Subtitles


Gotti (2018)


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00:02:23,488 –> 00:02:26,556
I made my bones doin’ a piece of work for Don Carlo Gambino.

00:02:33,064 –> 00:02:36,367
The families will not allow this

00:02:59,525 –> 00:03:03,928
So John, I want you to head the Gambino team.

00:03:30,623 –> 00:03:33,826
Ah, Jesus Christ, you look at these fuckin’ bums?

00:04:35,421 –> 00:04:37,654
After I had a successful hit under my belt,


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Gotti (2018) Hollywood movie english Subtitles
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