Shark Night (2011) Movie Subtitles

Shark Night (2011) Movie Subtitles


Shark Night (2011)


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00:06:21,960 –> 00:06:24,645
Just shut up. Respawn and meet me at the dock.

00:06:25,400 –> 00:06:30,725
Ooh. Hey everyone, Wonsuk is PMSing on the battlefield again. This is fun.

00:06:30,840 –> 00:06:33,047
Gordon, do you think you could maybe just out it out for a second here?

00:06:39,120 –> 00:06:42,408
Can you just come over and help me here? These guys are getting pwned

00:06:42,520 –> 00:06:45,490
Right, playing XBOX that’s what’s going to pop on my med school application.


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