Soul Surfer (2011) Movie Subtitles

Soul Surfer (2011) Movie Subtitles


Soul Surfer (2011)


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00:01:43,729 –> 00:01:47,779
And for most people, that consists of four walls and a welcome mat.

00:02:04,583 –> 00:02:08,338
That’s my answer when anyone asks me why I’m so competitive.

00:03:15,904 –> 00:03:19,283
The stoke I get from riding a perfect wave is pure Joy.

00:03:30,752 –> 00:03:34,382
“And sometimes, you wipe out and end up in the impact zone.”

00:04:25,974 –> 00:04:30,229
She’s going to do her mermaid thing and crush it like she always does.


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